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VERSI-DRY ® Surface Protector

VERSI-DRY ® Surface Protector
Soakers are designed to speed clean-up time and protect lab table tops from acids, dyes, and radioactive applications.

Soakers feature thousands of THIRSTY CELLS* that quickly absorb spills. Soft surface cushions breakable equipment.

Nonskid, chemical-resistant, and waterproof polyethylene backing holds soaker securely in place.

Chemical Resistance - Independent lab testing has shown that VERSI-DRY resists the following chemical spills:

Acetone, Ammonium Hydroxide 30%*, Chlorine Bleach, Chloroform, Ethanolamine, Hydrofluoric Acid 10%*, Hydrochloric Acid 10%*, Methylene Chloride, Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), Methyl Iso Butyl Ketone (MIB), Mineral Spirits, Nitric Acid 10%*, Phosphoric Acid 10%* Potassium Hydroxide 30%*, Sodium Hydrdoxide 10N*, Sulfuric Acid 10%*, Toluene, Xylene

102546-10Roll20 (inches) x 150 (feet)Cs/2
102546-11Roll20 (inches) x 300 (feet)Cs/2
102546-12Dispenser Roll20 (inches) x 300 (feet)Ea
102546-13Dispenser Roll20 (inches) x 100 (feet)Cs/4
102546-14Mat18 x 20 (inches)Cs/350