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Self-adhesive Teflon®-on-vinyl or Teflon®-on-foil overlays provide an economical way to protect bench tops, counter tops, walls, fume hoods, sinks, drains - virtually any surface- from corrosive chemicals, paint, oil and grease.

Helps protect surfaces against absorption of radioactive or toxic chemicals. To install, cut to desired size with scissors, peel off protective paper from adhesive backing and apply to surface.

Two styles to choose from: .001" Teflon® FEP bonded to .008" self-adhesive vinyl is a general purpose surface protector that provides a corrosion resistant, smooth, glossy white surface that is impact absorbing and easy to clean. Recommended for applications up to 200°F (93°C).

The .001" Teflon® FEP bonded to .002" self-adhesive aluminum foil is a high temperature version recommended for applications over 200°F (93°C) but less than 400°F (204°C).

102545-1Vinyl25 (wide) x 15 (long) InchesEa
102545-8Foil25 (wide) x 15 (long) InchesEa