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Constructed of cellulose and polyester, they will not scratch surfaces or fall apart.

Designed specifically for wiping goggles, lenses, eyeglasses, gauge windows, plastic glasses, fume hood windows, optical parts, and microscopes/magnifiers. Clean smudges, dirt, dust, and the static that attracts them. Wipes polish with one swipe. Works equally well with glass and plastics. Premoistened cloths easily remove oil, grease, and lint.

Nonwoven cloth is premoistened with a unique formulation. Strong clean room-grade nonwoven cloth is soft and lint-free. Constructed of cellulose and polyester, it will not scratch surfaces or fall apart. Individually dispensed wipe is handy and ready for instant use. Reclosable container assures a clean wipe every time and eliminates contamination from dust or dirt. Microfiber cloth to polish lenses is included. Individual pop-up 6 x 9 inches wipes are packaged 100 per polyethylene canister.

Regular price: $20.16
Sale price: $16.32