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Karl Fischer Titrator

Karl Fischer Titrator
The TitroLine KF titrator includes everything needed to determine the water content according to the Karl Fischer method.

Its methods include sample titration, titer water, titer liquid standard, titer tartratedihydrate, blank value oven, and blank value solvent. It is preset with widely-used parameters, which can be changed if required.

The measuring setup consists of a titrator, reagent bottle, titration stand, titration vessel, electrode, and a starter kit (six syringes with hollow needles, molecular sieve, and three ampules with water). The large, illuminated LCD display allows dialogue with the user by indicating the appropriate button to press at each interval. The titration stand allows titrated samples to be removed with the press of a button, and the magnetic stirrer evenly mixes solvent and sample. The titration vessel is leakproof, preventing permeation of moisture, and the detachable glass vessel is easy to clean. Features include a 20mL cylinder made of DURAN* borosilicate glass; a motor-driven 3/2-way valve; short, standard, or GLP format documentation; two bidirectional RS-232C interfaces for PC/printer and balance/appliances; and determination of mean value, standard deviation, or relative standard deviation. Results are indicated in user-selectable units of either %, ppm, mg, mg/L, mg/pc (piece), and mL. The titer is always indicated as mg/mL and the blank value always as mL.


Accuracy: (Systematic error: 0.1%, Random error: 0.05%), Repeatability: (0.15% of nominal buret volume), Capacity: (20 ml), Dispensing Accuracy: (0.15% of nominal buret volume), Display Resolution: (0.01 ml), Ambient Temperature: (10 to 40C (50 to 104F), Dimensions with Stand and Vessel: (12-3/16 x 10-7/16 x 8-1/16 Inches), Unit Weight, With Stand: (7.1 lbs., W/O Stand: 4.6 lbs).

124648-30Karl Fischer Titrator, 115V, 50/60 HzEa
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124648-35Alphanumeric KeypadEa
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124648-36Bottle top adapter with GL45 finishEa
Regular price: $149.38
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124648-37Adapter for solvent and waste bottleEa
Regular price: $124.01
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124648-38Double platinum wire electrodeEa
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124648-39Vessel with lid, 150 mlEa
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124648-40Vessel with lid, 200 mlEa
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100591-30Sartorius balance, 150 x 0.001 (g)Ea
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