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DIMETHYL SULFOXIDE (DMSO) Glass Purified, Glass Distilled HRGC/HPLC Trace Grade

GC-ECD: To pass

UV Absorbance @: A.U.

268 nm: 1.00 max

270nm: 0.40 max

280nm: 0.30 max

290nm: 0.15 max

300nm: 0.10 max

310nm: 0.06 max

330nm: 0.02 max

350nm: 0.01 max

400nm: 0.01 max

UV cutoff: 268nm max

Assay by GC: 99.9% min

Color APHA: 10 max

Appearance: Clear

Water: 0.05% max

Residue After Evaporation: 5 ppm max

Identification IR/GC: To conform

Filtered to 0.2 um max: Per lot

PC04621-34 (L)Amber GlassEa
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