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A widely used condenser with greater surface area than the corresponding Liebig type. Its common use is under reflux; it can also be used for distillation, provided it is angled to prevent liquid hold-up in the bulbs. Suitable for use in vacuum distillations. The tubulations have an O.D. of approx. 10mm.

10670024/4024/4041 x 300450Ea
Regular price: $127.32
Sale price: $108.22
10671024/4024/4041 x 400550Ea
Regular price: $139.16
Sale price: $118.27
10672024/4024/4041 x 500650Ea
Regular price: $156.91
Sale price: $133.38
10673029/4229/4241 x 600750Ea
Regular price: $179.41
Sale price: $152.50