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Adhesive Mats

Adhesive Mats
Trim Tack® Floor Mats prevent contamination and particulate matter from entering controlled working environments.

They are used extensively in medical-device, computer, pharmaceutical, electronics, aerospace, instrumentation and nuclear industries. Trim Tack mats are also used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, construction and recreational areas, and anywhere where it is desirable to trap dust and dirt.

Fast, effective, and easy to use, each mat is composed of multiple layers of tough, polyethylene film, laminated together into a stack.

Each layer is coated with a custom high tack adhesive, and the working surface is smooth.

When the surface is contaminated, simply peel off the top layer and discard.

Although Trim Tack® Mats do not require the use of a frame, they fit Trim Tack® Frames as well as most other frames on the market.

The individual sheets are 1.5 mil clear polyethylene with a colored vinyl backing laminated to the last layer.

Our premium backing is a flexible, double coated vinyl with acrylic adhesive on the bottom surface of the mat. NO adhesive residue will remain on the floor after final removal, however, the mat will be held securely to the floor when in use.

Trim Tack® mats provide the exclusive feature of alternating colored tabs for quick and effective indexing and removal of only the soiled top sheet.

Our Bevel mat is a 14 degree bevel of all 4 sides for safety and ease of cart handling.

Trim Tack® mats are typically packaged 120 sheets per case (30 sheet mats packed 4 mats per case).

Stocked in white color. Blue, yellow, gray and clear are also available. Please call for details.

12163018 x 36 inchesCs-120
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12165018 x 45 inchesCs-120
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